Start sharing information with clients in a way they can understand. Legal concepts and procedures are confusing. DocuPlayer adds your audio explanations to your documents so clients can replay and consider your advice at their own pace.

As lawyers, we struggle to communicate with clients.

Good client communication is essential. DocuPlayer is more practical than phone calls and more secure than emails.


Carrie Bordinko
"The video walk though was so efficient and easy……love this idea."
Dr. Carrie Bordinko
Consolare MD
Pat Sullivan
"That video was outstanding. I really liked it."
Pat Sullivan
CEO of Defendry
Crystal Mills
"This software is amazing. We so appreciated the experience of being walked through the contract (from our couch) in such detail and section by section."
Crystal Mills
Anthony Brandt
"The video ... makes it visual and audible so the retention of the information is greater."
Anthony Brandt
Loft + Manor
Ernest Roberts
"This is great!!! Listening to it right now. Great idea!!!"
Ernest Roberts
Art Heavy
Melissa Reinhardt
"I loved it. It was amazing. These documents are confusing and this prompted questions I would not otherwise have thought of. Fantastic."
Melissa Reinhardt
Hurricane Fence Co

Made by lawyers for lawyers.

Necessity is the mother of invention and innovation.

When a client with a complex customer agreement struggled to understand the terms he had to sell, we created an explanation he could replay. His response surprised us - he now understood his contract. Out of curiosity, we tried it with a litigation client's settlement agreement. The client raved that it was so much easier to understand. Each time we used it in a new situation, the response was overwhelming gratitude. We made their role as clients easier.

Then we asked ourselves, "Why aren't lawyers using this with every client?" We set out to create a platform for private, replayable communication we could offer to lawyers at an inexpensive price.

Communicating with your clients has never been easier.

Easy to Use

After subscribing, you can start recording your documents with your audio explanations right away. The recorder is intuitive, and you can share the recording through a link.


We care about attorney-client privilege and protecting the privacy of your documents and recordings. DocuPlayer assigns a unique access link to your recordings and allows you to add a password for protection against access by third parties.

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