Lawyers now explain it with video.

Record your arguments and explanations. Faster and more effective than emails, calls, and meetings.


Maintain Attorney-Client Confidentiality:
Randomized video links protected by passwords you set.


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Take your time back:
Explain once. Your client can rewind and replay as needed.

DocuPlayer is perfect for:



Explain discovery requests to your client so they gather the docs and info you need.

Explain settlement agreements so clients understand the terms and changes during negotiation.


Estate Planning

Review trusts and wills before meeting in person. Execution meetings will be shorter and your client will have a better working knowledge about his estate plan.


Family Law

Calm anxious clients by providing a voice-guided review of everything from motions and minute entries to settlement agreements.



Review deal terms and document redlines for your client so they understand their rights, risks and how to work within the terms.

Demonstrate how one transaction document affects the terms of another.


Personal Injury

Create stock videos to explain your intake forms and other common steps. Save time by reviewing demand letters, complaints and settlement agreements via DocuPlayer instead of repetitive phone calls and meetings.



Provide clearer instructions for completing the bankruptcy petition.

Review motions and minute entries for better client understanding of the status and next steps.


Business Law

Persuade opposing counsel with audio and visual of your argument.

Inform your client about concerning contract terms and explain long documents like operating agreements.


In-House Counsel

Relay consistent messages across multiple departments.

Negotiate B2B contracts more persuasively.

Explain regulations and contractual obligations internally.

Explain contracts, settlement agreements, and discovery requests to your client without ever scheduling a meeting.

DocuPlayer records your voice and the document you are discussing so your client can simultaneously see the document and hear your comments as if he or she were sitting next to you. Share the recording with a unique, password-protected link.



After logging in to, launch the recorder from your dashboard.


and go

The recorder will pop up on your screen, and you can drag the dashed outline crop tool to select the portion of your screen you want to record. Click Record and begin speaking about the document you want to explain to your client. You can scroll through the document and move other documents and windows into the outlined section of your screen for a dynamic review. Both your voice and the outlined section of your screen will be recorded.


the recording

Email the recording to your client with the link provided on your dashboard. You will have the option to password-protect your link. If you set a password when prompted, give that password to your client by phone or text message.


Play, rewind
and re-watch

When you client clicks the link, he or she will hear your voice while looking at the document sections on your screen when you recorded. The client can play, rewind and re-watch your recording at the pace of their understanding.



"The video walk though was so efficient and easy……love this idea."

Dr. Carrie Bordinko
Consolare MD

"That video was outstanding. I really liked it."

Pat Sullivan
CEO of Defendry

"This software is amazing. We so appreciated the experience of being walked through the contract (from our couch) in such detail and section by section."

Crystal Mills

"The video ... makes it visual and audible so the retention of the information is greater."

Anthony Brandt
Loft + Manor

"This is great!!! Listening to it right now. Great idea!!!"

Ernest Roberts
Art Heavy

Build Trust with Understandable Explanations

Allow clients to see documents through your eyes.

When clients understand our work, they trust us more and complain less. Your stress will start to decrease as you see your clients understand the value you provide. Join us and try it today.


Communicating with your clients has never been easier.


Easy to Use

After subscribing, you can start recording your documents with your audio explanations right away. The recorder is intuitive, and you can share the recording through a link.


DocuPlayer takes layers of precautions to protect the confidentiality of your documents and recordings and allows you to add a password for greater protection.