Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How secure is DocuPlayer?

Security and maintaining confidentiality were our top priorities when we created DocuPlayer. Each recording is assigned a randomized link known only to you once your video is uploaded. You should ALWAYS set a password for client communications and deliver it by a different means than the link (e.g., if you email the link, relay the password by phone or text message). With password-protection, the video can ONLY be viewed by first entering the password. No internet application is 100% secure. If you discover an email is inadvertently forwarded to or wrongfully obtained by a third party, there is little available recourse. However, if you suspect a DocuPlayer video is in the wrong hands, you can immediately delete the video or change the password. 

Do I need any hardware besides my computer to use DocuPlayer?

If your computer has a built-in microphone, you will not need anything else. If your computer does not have a built-in microphone or if the microphone on your computer is not close to you (e.g., because you use a docking station), we recommend a simple microphone like this one from Amazon.   This mic plugs in with a USB, is inexpensive, and is easy to use. 

I'm not great with new technology. Is DocuPlayer hard to use?

Nope! Because we are attorneys too, we get you. And we know you do not have time to fiddle with something complicated. Once you log into DocuPlayer, you click "Launch Recorder", click to allow your computer to launch the recorder, pull up the document you want to discuss, and click record. After you record, the software will prompt you to title it, set a password and provide a link to send the video to your client.

I just uploaded a video and do not see it on my dashboard. Where is it?

A preview of your video should load in the same internet window where you launched the recorder. If the preview did not load, refresh the page and it will be in your list of videos. We recommend sorting your videos by time so that the most recent video appears at the top of the list. IMPORTANT NOTE: A reminder prompt when you logged in notified you to avoid using special characters in your video title. Doing so can cause loading errors, and your video may not be saved properly.

How long should my DocuPlayer videos be?

Think about your client as you decide this. A focused client who really cares about the details of his documents will be glad to have a 25 minute video that reviews his entire document. In contrast, if your client is a company and multiple people who have less interest in the details will view this video, make shorter videos that cover the high points. You could also make multiple 5-minute videos, each of which covers a different section or topic.